Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well

Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well

Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well is the podcast for women who want to lose weight, but are tired of counting and calculating all the food. Listen in to learn how you can cut the cravings and stop emotional eating. You’ll learn to think about food differently, eat and think intentionally, and make your life amazing, so your food doesn’t have to be your best form of entertainment. Most importantly, you’ll figure out WHY you are eating when you aren’t hungry instead of worrying so much about WHAT you are eating! Lisa Salisbury is a certified health coach and weight loss coach and most importantly a recovered chronic dieter herself. Implement what you hear and you’ll drop your diet obsession and those extra pounds.

Recent Episodes

NEAT, Total Energy Expenditure, and the Effect on Weight Loss [Ep. 34]

March 15, 2023

Movement March continues! Do you know what NEAT is? It's your non-exercise activity thermogenesis. That basically means all the movement you do in a day that is not part of your formal "workout" or exercise routine. And you'…

Live Well

Weight Lifting, Walking and Diet Culture with Maverick Willett [Ep. 33]

March 8, 2023

Join us today to chat all things weight lifting for women, walking, and just overall getting started with the movement that counts for making a physical change in the body! Maverick and I even get into some diet culture stuf…

Eat Well Live Well

Constipation and Gut Issues That Affect Weight Loss With Functional Nutrition Expert Liz Roman [Ep. 32]

March 1, 2023

Liz Roman, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, joins me today to discuss constipation, bloating, gas and all things gut health! Even if you don't think you have gut issues, list…

Guest: Liz Roman
Eat Well

Accessing Past Diet Experiences to Help Decide What to Eat Now [Ep. 31]

Feb. 22, 2023

You've dieted in the past. And sometimes you lost weight. What were you eating then? If you ever struggle to figure out exactly what you should eat now, especially since you've given up dieting with me, this episode is for …

Eat Well Think Well

6 Characteristics of a Fad Diet [Ep. 30]

Feb. 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered if my coaching program is just another diet? This episode is here to answer that question. I dive into 6 characteristics of a fad diet and discuss the flaws with each. Then you can decide if you think …

Eat Well Think Well

Ultra Processed Foods and Finding Your Why with David Greenwalt [Ep. 29]

Feb. 8, 2023

Have you felt like food is addictive to you? Is it fruit and vegetables, or more the ultra processed foods? I think I know what you answered there. David Greenwalt and I discuss the addictive nature of ultra processed foods…