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David Greenwalt

Certified Health Coach

David is a Certified Health Coach, fitness expert, author, husband, father, former police officer, and former competitive state-level body builder and powerlifter. After weight cycling between bodybuilding and powerlifting for 15 years, in 1997, at age 32, david lost 50 of his own excess pounds one more time, for the last time. Since 1999, through his company Leanness Lifestyle University, David has been helping clients from every walk of life lose the excess fat, keep the muscle, and manage this crazy life.

Feb. 8, 2023

Ultra Processed Foods and Finding Your Why with David Greenwalt [Ep. …

Have you felt like food is addictive to you? Is it fruit and vegetables, or more the ultra processed foods? I think I know what you answered there. David Greenwalt and I discuss the addictive nature of ultra processed foods …

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